Brendan de Clercq
Brendan de Clerq

Brendan de Clercq

‚One day I will make the world’s most perfect portrait. One that is capturing emotion to the fullest. One that is the reason I raise the bar in portrait photography every day.‘


Brendan de Clercq is an Irish/French photographer and mixed media artist. He is born in 1964 in in Dublin Ireland and received a BA degree in photographic design at the vocational education of photography in Amsterdam.


His French father was an acclaimed photographer and documentary filmmaker shared his strong visual orientation genetically. Brendan’s work is characterized by powerful imagery with a clear emotional expression. His aim is that his audience is emotionally touched by his images and understand the multiple layers within. His portfolio is a direct reflection of himself; his earlier work was dark and full of contrast as currently it’s more vibrant and capturing light. He is inspired by the creative world around him .


Brendan is notorious for transferring his knowledge and photography capabilities via masterclasses and workshops. Standalone and as well by being an avid ambassador for Sony camera gear and Profoto light shaping he is motivating aspirational photographers internationally.


To read Brendan’s interview for the Foto Meyer Journal, please refer to Interview mit Brendan de Clercq (German only)


Wenn sie mehr über Brendan erfahren möchten, lesen Sie doch sein Interview im Foto Meyer Journal Interview mit Brendan de Clercq (nur auf deutsch)

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